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Maya Explosions

Boom goes the dynamite…

Here are some explosions i made in Maya.

I used the blackbody radiation tool from Tai Komatsu for the first two (github.com/taikomatsu/BlackbodyMaya) which is a really fantastic tool shading for fluids!



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Naiad Sea Serpent

Here’s a little sim I made a few weeks ago with Naiad, Maya, Krakatoa and Vray.

Nothing fancy, I had a rigged serpent lying around on my hard drive and thought I’d use for a little Naiad practice.

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Creature Exercise

Wow, it’s been a year since my last post. Well I haven’t exactly done nothing the past year, but I didn’t really have time to write anything.

Well here’s a little doodle I made a few months back. It’s just a weird alien creature, which I put under a bridge, because it couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore.

I made this guy in Maya and rendered it with Vray. The main purpose of this thing was to check out the relighting capabilities of Nuke. I must say I’m quite impressed, that all it takes is a normal and a world position pass and you’re good to go. The render time you save this way is quite a bit.

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Capuchin Monkey-Turntable

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34226619]

This is still work in progress of a capuchin monkey i made with shave and a haircut in maya.

Despite the fact, that i only spent approximately 7 hours on this so far – I’m quite happy with the look.

Once you get the hang of shave and a haircut it’s really fast to work with and renders pretty fast as well.

1.3 min per frame with 450.000 hairs and 2 spotlights (only one casting shadows)- rendered with mental ray.

Next I’m trying to animate it and put it into a decent environment.

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Misty Mountains Time-Lapse

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/32361214]

These are a few short time-lapse shots with my Canon 550d (T2i), off my balcony.

I didn’t have any 3D projects to post so i figuered i’ll post something different this time 😉

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Broken Chameleon

Here’s a little experiment with RealFlow and the PullDownIt Pro plugin for Maya.

Rendered with 3Delight


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Battle:London – Aftermath ;)

As you may or may not know, I entered the Battle:London competition by vfxlearning.com (video is a couple of posts earlier).

So, as it turns out I didn’t win 😦 …. but wait…. there’s more…

Thinkinetic liked my shot so much, that they awarded me with a PullDownIt Pro license anyway.

It’s a great plugin and I want to thank Thinkinetic for awarding me with this great piece of software!

check it out @ http://www.pulldownit.com/



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this was a big one….

i started this shot one month ago, for the battle:london competition by vfxlearning.com  (which is a site by some guys currently working at Cinesite and what not).

i had to complete a whole shot (inspired by the movie Battle:Los Angeles) of an alien invasion.

the footage was provided by vfxlearning.

due to work (ugh, i know right^^…) i had mainly time to do this on the weekends and every monday we had to turn in a work in progress, so i worked as fast as i could on every weekend to hand in said work in progress.

i also had some time off so i was able to complete this thing even faster.

the complete thing was done in Maya, which was very fun, because i tend to use fumeFX and Houdini a lot for dynamic stuff.

but not this time all Maya except some plugins of course: pulldownit, vray, and my new sweetheart AIR renderer.

and the usual Nuke for compositing.

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big smoke cloud R&D

this is a big smoke cloud i made with fumefx.

i used  simple geometry to emit 50000 particles which were the source for my fumefx sim.

i rendered it with vray 2.0.

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